American Liszt Society Mourns Death of Robert Silverman

We greatly mourn the passing of Robert Silverman. His service to The American Liszt Society was significant and long standing. As a member of the Board of ALS he shared in building the society and in forging its future. His highly successful work through the Piano Quarterly was instrumental in awakening the pianistic world to higher values and to the promotion of ideals shared by The American Liszt Society.

Silverman's contact with leaders of the piano profession proved valuable to his service on the ALS Board. His input provided a constant source of professional realism and worldly wisdom to discussions prone to idealistic flights of fancy. His knowledge of the vicissitudes of the music industry provided a keel that contributed stability to the Society as it developed during a time of unprecedented changes in the attitudes of the music world towards Franz Liszt.

His expertise and professional experience were often delivered in a stream of anecdotes, often satirical but seldom acerbic.

A close friend of Glen Gould, he gleaned and shared much wisdom from his intimacy with that innovative and exceptional musical mind.

Silverman's honesty and genuineness were his clearest attributes. He said what he meant and pulled no punches, yet he was at heart kind and generous: a truly exceptional man of intelligence, wit, worldly experience, and a deep devotion to Franz Liszt. The American Liszt Society will be ever in debt to him.

Thomas Mastroianni
President, American Liszt Society
Posted ca. November 20, 2012