Lisa Skyler Manesh reports on her many musical activities

ALS member Lisa Skyler Manesh has earned a Distinguished Dean's Scholarship Award for Ph.D. Advanced Studies in Music at UCLA. This follows her graduation as not only UCLA Bruin of the Year, but also her Summa Cum Laude rank from the UCLA International Institute and the Herb Alpert School of Music. Lisa has been recognized for her Honors Speech at UCLA's Schoenberg Music Hall based on her music research. Her speech was on "Music Censorship in the Nazi Regime" for a Music in War Honors course conducted through UCLA's Music History Department. Lisa interned with Immediate Music, LLC, in Santa Monica, CA. Immediate Music is the world's premiere company that pioneers high-end, orchestra, cinematic compositions.(e.g., Avatar, Chronicles of Narnia) The music is "created and designed to advertise major films, television promos and product ads throughout the world." Lis reports that "It is a world-class, highly acclaimed, exclusive firm well established and highly respected in the entertainment music industry garnering world-wide recognition. Lisa continues to attend professional development seminars through her attendance as a Member with the Society of Composers and Lyricists (SCL) in Los Angeles. She also has exclusive membership with The Grammy Museum and Film Music Society, also with headquarters in Los Angeles. Lisa has also posed specific film music questions to major motion picture composers such as: Hans Zimmer (Dark, Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean), Alexandre Desplat (Harry Potter Deathly Hallows I and II, Twilight New Moon), Trevor Morris (The Tudors, Showtime Cable TV), and Danny Elfman (Dark Shadows, Edward Scissorhands).